Rosemary Beach

Callista | Rosemary Beach

Architecture inspired by the Dutch West Indies, cobblestone streets, gas-burning lamps, and white-sand beaches combine to create a romantic Gulf-front community like no other. Wooden boardwalks lead to dune walkovers and award-winning pools, while open green spaces provide plenty of room to play and run. Discover outdoor sculpture and a fitness trail tucked among the draping oaks. The town center is home to locally owned toy stores, boutiques, a bookstore, and galleries. Enjoy tapas and a glass of wine, or dine with a rooftop view, and then wander down to the beach for an evening walk along the surf. Explore the distinctive communities of 30A, beginning with Seacrest and Alys Beach, on bike or foot before returning home to Rosemary. From the merchants and restaurants to the rolling dunes and quartz-sand beaches, the timeless experience of Rosemary Beach awaits.